Ebikes Ireland

Ebikes Ireland

High Quality Ebikes Ireland

Do you want to buy an electric bicycle? You’ve come to the right place – Talaria doesn’t just sell electric scooters – we’re also a one-stop shop for buying and selling electric bikes in Dublin and Greater Ireland. The electric bike could be the revolutionary means of transportation we need as we enter a new, greener era.

Ebikes Ireland offers a wide range of electric bikes, from mountain bikes to city bikes and folding electric bikes, to choose from, with free shipping on our electric bikes throughout Ireland.

Sting Road Legal Bike

Ebikes Ireland offers the freedom of a lightweight urban commuter, combined with the off-road capabilities of the MX “Sting” model. As it is an L1E category vehicle, the driver must indicate class “AM” or “P” on their driving license to be able to take a CBT course and have valid motorcycle insurance. In the 50cc equivalent, this allows a rider over 16 to ride on the road once they meet the criteria required by the DVLA. As many Irish cities focus on emissions and lean more towards conventional vehicles, Talaria’s Sting L1E electric moped offers the perfect combination of commuter and leisure vehicles with no road tax.
Electric Bike
Electric Bike

Sting Off Road Bike

Ebikes Ireland now market and sell the new Talaria Sting off-rated electric dirt bikes.

At Ebikes Ireland, our Talaria Sting off road bike is an excellent addition to the range of all-talaria electric bikes. It brings essential improvements for riders who like to live on the edge. All Talaria Stings feature a black anodized 6061 T4 and T6 aluminum alloy casing, a 60V 38.4A per hour battery, RST Killah forks, a 6″ air-cooled electric motor, and 6000W (maximum power) ) in the housing of a technologically advanced 2-speed gearbox, which delivers this power through smooth movement and a constant curve, up to 47 miles per hour.

X3 MX Off Rode Bike

The new Talaria X3 is a 3.5 kW lightweight aluminum alloy all-talaria electric bike.

It is not road-legal and, therefore, cannot be used legally.

It features a mid-mounted 60V motor with a maximum power of 3.5 kW and 5 kW combined with a 13 kg 40 Ah non-rechargeable LG battery that provides a claimed full range of 50 miles (at 20 miles per hour). Charging time is 3.5 hours.

You start the bike with an NFC key fob, and the bike has a color screen.

Its dual mode allows a maximum speed of up to 47 miles per hour.

Ebikes Ireland

E-bikes For Sale in Ireland

Get around in style and effortlessly with our selection of high-performance e-bikes Ireland from renowned brands of Talaria.

With quality components and cutting-edge quality motors and batteries, our Ebikes Ireland are sure to help you go further and reduce your carbon footprint. Our range of Ebikes Ireland adapts to all types of budgets and cyclists. From electric cargo bikes to electric mountain bikes to electric road bikes, we have an electric bike to suit your needs.


Our priority is to ensure you have the best possible experience with Talaria. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, need assistance, or have a service request. Our customer support team is here to help you every step of the way.